A blog post is a Page that is published at a specific time, and displayed on the Blog page.

Creating a new Blog Post
  1. Go to your site dashboard
  2. Enter a title
  3. Select Create Blog Post

Publishing your Blog Post

Blog posts are unpublished by default, so that they can be written before being seen by visitors to your site.

To publish a post, set the date to be in the past, present or future. The post will be shown on your blog once the date has passed.


A blog post's excerpt and content combine to form the items shown when a post is viewed by itself. On the blog, only excerpts are shown, along with a link to "Read More."

Facebook Embed Image

Blog posts can have a specific image selected to use as the featured image when posting to social networks such as Facebook.

  1. Click Facebook Embed Image
  2. Select an existing image, or upload a new one
  3. Save the post

Changing the Blog section Title / URL

Both the title and URL of the blog posts page can be customized under Settings:

  1. In your dashboard, go to Settings
  2. Under Blog Posts, set the Blog Posts Title and Blog Posts URL
  3. Click Save

Importing WordPress Posts
  1. In your existing WordPress site, go to Tools > Export, and select All content.
  2. In your SoloFolio site dashboard, go to Blog Posts, and click Import WordPress Posts.
  3. In the pop-up window, upload the file exported from WordPress.
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