What is SoloFolio?
SoloFolio is a fully hosted portfolio and blog platform built for creative professionals.
Who is SoloFolio?
Joel Hawksley, a photojournalist based in Boulder, Colo., created SoloFolio in 2008 when he couldn't find an online portfolio solution he was happy with.
Do I need additional hosting service?
No. All SoloFolio plans include best-in-class cloud hosting.
Can I switch plans?
Yes, you can switch plans at any time. However, you can only downgrade if you have not exceeded the limits of the plan you wish to switch to.
Can I download SoloFolio?
No. SoloFolio is a fully managed web service.
Do you sell domain names?
No. We recommend Hover, which will automatically configure your domain name for you if purchased via that link.
Do you offer email accounts?
No. We recommend Google Apps for Work.
Why do I have to upload such big images?
To ensure your work looks its best on every device, from the smallest phone to Retina-class 5k monitors, we enforce strict quality requirements for all images.
Do you offer an education discount?
Yes. Sign up with a .edu email address, and you will automatically receive our education discount.
How long are your contracts?
You can subscribe to SoloFolio on a monthly or yearly basis.
Can I use Google Analytics?
Yes. Under site settings, add your Google Analytics ID.
Can I import my WordPress blog?
Yes. You can import your blog using our WordPress importer.
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